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Edmund Rice Homestead at East Sudbury
Edmund Rice (1638) Association

Colonial Sudbury mtDNA Lineages

Last updated: 2022 May 3

© Copyright 2009-2022 by the Edmund Rice (1638) Association

Please note that this web page is a work in progress. We make additions and corrections continually. Please do not copy this page elsewhere, in whole or in part, since a separate copy will no longer partake of the progress we are making. You may freely link to this page for reference to the information it contains. Also, please note that most web editing software is incapable of managing lineage charts in the format presented here. If you attempt to copy lineages from this page directly to another presentation, you will almost certainly obscure, and perhaps even obliterate, the relationships shown here.

The following lineages have been compiled for the members of this project. Persons born after 1900 are identified here only as "Recent", except for the test subjects, who are identified by their kit numbers, as shown in the data table on the main project page. The earliest known ancestors with multiple tested and matching descendants are color-coded to match the data table as well.

If you believe that your own umbilical lineage joins one of those presented here, please consider having your mtDNA tested to compare with the corresponding results shown on the main page. The combination of conventional and genetic evidence is stronger than either one alone.

Martha Mary Liggett
b. c1600
Elizabeth Sarah Nichols
b. 1642
Elizabeth Clapp Mary Collins
b. 1672
Anne Tice?
b. c1600
b. 1631
Bridget Thomasine Belgrave
b. 1562
Elizabeth Wheeler
Agnes Bent
b. c1631
Martha Bent
b. 1638
Martha Lamson Abigail Daby
b. 1732
Hannah Hammond
b. 1669
Sarah King
b. c1695
Abigail Moore
b. 1696
Elizabeth King
b. 1635
Persis Pierce
b. 1669
Elizabeth Moore
b. c1628
Elizabeth Frost
b. 1588
Elizabeth Rice
b. 1703
Lydia Rice
b. 1649
Mary Howe
b. 1665
Hannah Howe
b. 1677
Sarah Rice
b. 1655
Abigail Wood
b. 1750
Hannah Poulter
b. 1696
Tamar Rice
b. 1732
Sybil Brigham
b. 1718
Hannah Rice
b. 1658
Elizabeth Rand
b. 1697
Tamasine Rice
b. 1661
Elizabeth Rice
b. 1612
Lois Pratt
b. 1726
Lydia Woods
b. 1672
Lydia Barns
b. 1691
Abigail Barns
b. 1695
Mary Loker
b. 1680
Charlotte Whitman
b. 1786
Hannah Simonds
b. 1729
Sarah Wells
b. 1766
Susannah Goddard
b. 1742
Esther Goddard
b. 1751
Mary Hubbard
b. 1682
Sarah Prentiss
b. 1741
Lydia Parmenter
b. 1681
Mary Moore
b. 1642
Lois Dadmun
b. c1764
Zeruiah Eager
b. 1705
Damaris Gilbert
b. 1718
Dinah Morse
b. 1729
Mary Bacon
b. 1708
Sarah Rice
b. 1828
Deborah Brooks
b. 1764
Sally Hitchcock
b. 1786
Elizabeth Howe
b. 1779
Lucretia Morton
b. 1774
Mercy Davis
b. 1725
Elizabeth Hill
b. 1764
Lydia Griffin
b. 1707
Mary Stone
b. 1677
Lois How
b. 1792
Lydia Barnes
b. 1743
Damaris Olds
b. 1753
Anna Stow
b. 1768
Mary Felch
b. 1739
Ellen M. Vose
b. 1850
Phebe Meriam
b. 1786
Mary A. Huntley
b. 1816
Elizabeth Haven
b. 1811
Elizabeth H. Bullard
b. 1813
Lucy Raymond
b. 1755
Lydia Clements
b. 1807
Mary Osborne
b. 1742
Silence Rice
b. 1703
Laura M. Rockwood
b. 1830
Lydia Brigham
b. 1766
Susan Rockwood
b. 1781
Martha Collins
b. 1793
Dorcas Bent Emma F. Perry
b. 1874
Abigail F. Beaman
b. 1823
Mary A. Burnham
b. 1845
Pamelia E. Barlow
b. 1844
Mary L. Hyde
b. 1848
Tabitha Walker
b. 1796
Eliza J. Fenderson
b. 1851
Bridget Parmenter
b. 1764
Beulah King
b. 1735
Helen A. Gaylord
b. 1858
Nancy Ames
b. 1792
Almira Stoddard
b. 1822
Amelia A. Rogers
b. 1818
Caroline Rogers
b. 1827
Anne Longley
b. 1802
Ruth B. Wells
b. 1900
Fanny A. Keyes
b. 1863
Maggie Freeze
b. 1866
Mary T. Thompson
b. 1868
Mary L. Woolf
b. 1877
Elmira Raymond
b. 1828
Mary J. Davis
b. 1885
Elizabeth Fairbanks
b. 1785
Hepzibah Pierce
b. 1762
Marion Andrews
b. 1890
Mary H. Bigelow
b. 1815
Zeruah Baldwin
b. 1851
Martha Telle
b. 1846
Caroline A. Daniels
b. 1860
Mary L. Whitman
b. 1837
97512 Mytis F. Smith
b. 1891
Ione Bassett
b. 1888
Athelia V. Call
b. 1888
Ivis P. Call
b. 1889
Cleo A. Call
b. 1892
Mildred T. Call
b. 1898
Recent Marion F. Raymond
b. 1858
Recent Susan Cutler
b. 1823
Abigail Salisbury
b. 1791
Mary A. Rice
b. 1848
Clara E. Farrar
b. 1875
Grace T. Cannon
b. 1880
Dorothy H. Mills
b. 1898
Annie M. Roach
b. 1870
105522 Recent Recent sm54 Recent Recent Recent Helen S. Readio
b. 1890
4b075 Susan C. Hammond
b. 1856
Polly Patten
b. 1814
Lulu A. Perry
b. 1872
Edith C. Middlemiss
b. 1896
Recent sm39 Recent Recent Recent Recent sm53 Recent Recent Recent sm64 Recent Harriett A. Stillson
b. 1884
Eunice R. Childs
b. 1842
Alice K. Fuller
b. 1896
1673 sm38 Recent sm37 sm51 sm55 sm56 sm52 sm63 6z8dc Recent Jane P. Koyle
b. 1861
102849 108895 503627 Clara Williamson
b. 1882
Zella K. Sutherland
b. 1899