Rices in the Sudbury and Marlborough militias mobilized in 1775, with tentative identifications in the ERA database
Compiled 2015 by John Chandler
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If you have evidence casting doubt on any of these identifications, please write to info@edmund-rice.org
Roster nameDatabase nameWard Ref NoBirthDeath
Lt JonathanJonathan RICE97617401829
Cpl IthamonIthamar RICE77917431824
IsaacIsaac RICE75817491820
Isaac JrIsaac RICE122117551824
JonasJonas RICE746 or 97917471778
DanielDaniel RICE1020~17361806
DavidDavid RICE10231741
Edmund JrEdmund RICE121517551841
CharlesCharles RICE98017491836
Jamesmaybe one of the Jonases
NathanielNathaniel RICE71717491836
Cpl ThomasThomas RICE58917471840
GershomGershom RICE18617101790
Gershom JrGershom RICE58817451753
Willardmaybe William RICE12511755
WilliamWilliam RICE972~1758
DanielDaniel RICE12491753
JohnJohn RICE88917531776
John JrJohn RICE91117551812
AshbelAshbel RICE97117551838
three JabezesJabez RICE34317021783
Jabez RICE95717461809
Jabez RICE54817281809