The Family Thicket, Cross-referenced

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Children of Immigrant William Ward

  1. John (c1626-1708) married Hannah Jackson and had a son John whose daughter Sarah married William Trowbridge. The Trowbridges' granddaughter Mary Trowbridge married Zerubbabel6 Snow (Abigail5 Brigham, Gershom4, Mary3 Rice, Henry2, Edmund1). The two Johns are not in the ERA master database, but the rest of the connection is there.
  2. Joanna (c1628-1718) married Abraham Williams, and their grandson Abraham Beaman married Mary4 Rice (Caleb3, Joseph2, Edmund1).
  3. Obadiah (c1632-1717/8) had a wife Mary and also a daughter Mary who is sometimes confused with (but who was definitely NOT) the Mary Ward who married Caleb3 Rice noted above. Obadiah also had a son Obadiah Jr, who in turn had his own daughter Mary who married Thomas4 Drury (Rachel3 Rice, Henry2, Edmund1). At the risk of getting too tangled, I must point out here that the father of Thomas4 Drury was also a grandchild of Edmund Rice. Back in our story, Obadiah Jr had a son Beriah who also married into the extended Rice family -- his wife was Hannah6 Stow (Elizabeth5 Brigham, Nathan4, Mary3 Rice, Henry2, Edmund1). That's not all. Obadiah Jr had yet another son Jabez, who married Phebe5 Eager (Lydia4 Woods, Lydia3 Rice, Edward2, Edmund1).
  4. Richard (c1635-1666) married Mary Moore and had two children who figure in the Rice thicket: Obadiah, who had a son Richard who married Lydia4 Wheelock (Lydia3 Rice, Henry2, Edmund1), and Lydia, whose son Hezekiah Maynard married Tabitha5 How (Deliverance4 Rice, John3, Edward2, Edmund1). Note that Mary Moore was the daughter of Elizabeth Rice, daughter of Henry Rice and Elizabeth Frost, sister of Thomasine Frost (and, of course, Henry Rice is thought by many to be an older brother of Edmund1, though proof is lacking). Mary (Moore) Ward went on to marry Daniel Stone and had a daughter Sarah, who married James3 Rice (Thomas2, Edmund1), and a daughter Mary, who married Jonas3 Rice (Thomas2, Edmund1). Note: A.H. Ward compiled a Ward genealogy which lists Mary (Moore) Ward as another child of William, but it is clear that she was actually a daughter-in-law. Mary also happens to be a pivotal figure in the search for living persons with the mitochondrial DNA of Thomasine Frost (see page 7 of the Fall 2000 Newsletter).
  5. Deborah (c1637-1697) married John Johnson and had a daughter Elizabeth whose daughter Elizabeth Witherby married Nathan4 Rice (Caleb3, Joseph2, Edmund1).
  6. Hannah (c1639-1717) married Abraham How and had a number of children who find their way into our little tangle: Mary, whose son Asa Bouker married Martha5 Eager, sister to Phebe5 mentioned above in section 3, and whose son Ezekiel Bouker married Abigail4 Rice (Peter3, Thomas2, Edmund1); Joseph, whose son Joseph married Ruth5 Brigham (Jonathan4, Mary3 Rice, Henry2, Edmund1) and whose son Abraham married Rachel4 Rice (Benjamin3, Edward2, Edmund1); Hannah, whose son Ephraim How married Elizabeth4 Rice, sister of Rachel4 just mentioned; Elizabeth, whose granddaughter Prudence How married Isaac5 How (Deliverance4 Rice, John3, Edward2, Edmund1) and whose grandsons Antipas and Asa Brigham married, respectively, Catherine5 Woods (Benjamin4, Lydia3 Rice, Edward2, Edmund1) and Elizabeth6 Warren (Zipporah5 Brigham, Nathan4, Mary3 Rice, Henry2, Edmund1); Rebecca, who married Peter3 Rice (Thomas2, Edmund1); and Sarah, whose daughter Sarah Stratton married Thomas5 Brigham, brother of Zipporah5 and Elizabeth5 mentioned previously.
  7. Samuel (1641-1729) married Sarah How and had a daughter Mary who actually did marry Caleb3 Rice already mentioned. They also had a son Joseph whose granddaughters Ruth and Mary Ward married, respectively, Ithamar6 Brigham (son of Thomas5 and Sarah mentioned in part 6 above) and Jonas6 Morse (Lucy5 Eager, Lydia4 Woods, Lydia3 Rice, Edward2, Edmund1) and whose grandson Daniel Ward married Anna5 Rice (Andrew4, Joshua3, Samuel2, Edmund1). Their son Samuel had a granddaughter Abigail Ward who married Josiah7 Bridges (James6, Hackaliah5, Sarah4 Brewer, Elizabeth3 Rice, Henry2, Edmund1).
  8. Elizabeth (1643-1710) married John How in 1662/3 although the marriage record fails to include the maiden name of the bride. That lamentable lapse in the official records leaves a trace of doubt, but the identification seems very likely. In any case, John How's widowElizabeth married second Henry Kerley and had a daughter Mercy, who married Joseph3 Rice (Joseph2, Edmund1).
  9. Increase (1644/5-1690) married Record Wheelock and had a daughter Record whose daughter Persis Newton married Eleazer4 Rice (Edmund3, Samuel2, Edmund1) and a daughter Tabitha whose grandson Solomon Fay married Mary5 Pratt (Anna4 Allen, Mercy3 Rice, Henry2, Edmund1). Increase and his daughter Tabitha do not appear in the master ERA database, but the rest of the connection does.
  10. Hopestill (1646-1718) married James Woods, and this is where things start to get complicated. They had a son James whom Ward's Rice Family incorrectly identifies as Deacon James Woods (see page 114), but the Genealogical Register of Edmund Rice Descendants corrects the error and points out that the deacon in question was actually the son of John and Lydia3 (Rice) Woods (see page 6). Part of the confusion undoubtedly stems from the fact that Hopestill's husband had also served as deacon. Ward's error unfortunately propagated all the way into the published vital records of Marlborough, which accepted Ward's misstatement of the deacon's age at death, "adjusted" to fit the birth date of Hopestill's son. Nonetheless, since the Deacon's age is clearly inscribed on his gravestone, still standing in SpringhillCemetery, the problem is easily resolved. At any rate, the son of James and Hopestill quietly vanished from the scene in Marlborough sometime between his birth in 1685 and the 1718/9 marriage of the other James Woods, since the latter was then styled simply "James Woods" instead of "James Woods Jr". By the way, other children of John and Lydia Woods have already popped up in parts 3, 6, and 7 above.
  11. William (1648/9-1697) married Hannah Brigham and had two children who appear in our story: William, whose son Elisha married Ruth4 Rice (Joseph3, Joseph2, Edmund1), and Nahum, whose daughter Persis married Bezaleel5 Eager, brother to Phebe5, Martha5, and Lucy5 already mentioned in sections 3, 6 and 7.
  12. Eleazer (1650-1676) married Hannah3 Rice (Henry2, Edmund1).
  13. Bethia (1658-1721) married Daniel3 Rice (Edward2, Edmund1).

Relevant Descendancy of Edmund Rice

A number in BLUE signifies the child of William Ward ancestral to the linked person in RED
Edmund1 Rice
Samuel2 Rice Thomas2 Rice Edward2 Rice Joseph2 Rice Henry2 Rice
Edmund3 Rice Joshua3 Rice Peter3 Rice
(6) Rebecca How
Daniel3 Rice
(13) Bethia Ward
Benjamin3 Rice John3 Rice Lydia3 Rice Joseph3 Rice
(8) Mercy Kerley
Caleb3 Rice
(7) Mary Ward
Hannah3 Rice
(12) Eleazer Ward
Mercy3 Rice Elizabeth3 Rice Lydia3 Rice Mary3 Rice Rachel3 Rice Mary3 Rice
Eleazer4 Rice
(9) Persis Newton
Andrew4 Rice Abigail4 Rice
(6) Ezekiel Bouker
Elizabeth4 Rice
(6) Ephraim How
Rachel4 Rice
(6) Abraham How
Deliverance4 Rice Benjamin4 Woods Lydia4 Woods Ruth4 Rice
(11) Elisha Ward
Nathan4 Rice
(5) Elizabeth Witherby
Mary4 Rice
(2) Abraham Beaman
Anna4 Allen Sarah4 Brewer Lydia4 Wheelock
(4) Richard Ward
Jonathan4 Brigham Nathan4 Brigham Thomas4 Drury
(3) Mary Ward
Gershom4 Brigham
Anna5 Rice
(7) Daniel Ward
Isaac5 How
(6) Prudence How
Tabitha5 How
(4) Hezekiah Maynard
Catherine5 Woods
(6) Antipas Brigham
Bezaleel5 Eager
(11) Persis Ward
Lucy5 Eager Martha5 Eager
(6) Asa Bouker
Phebe5 Eager
(3) Jabez Ward
Mary5 Pratt
(9) Solomon Fay
Hackaliah5 Bridges Ruth5 Brigham
(6) Joseph How
Thomas5 Brigham
(6) Sarah Stratton
Zipporah5 Brigham Elizabeth5 Brigham Abigail5 Brigham
Jonas6 Morse
(7) Mary Ward
James6 Bridges Ithamar6 Brigham
(7) Ruth Ward
Elizabeth6 Warren
(6) Asa Brigham
Hannah6 Stow
(3) Beriah Ward
Zerubbabel6 Snow
(1) Mary Trowbridge
Josiah7 Bridges
(7) Abigail Ward


September 2013

The Family Thicket series began ten years ago and has now run to twenty articles covering eighteen different immigrant families, plus one erratum correcting an error in Part IX that was of interest in its own right. (In two cases, additional research turned up enough new cross-connections to warrent a whole new presentation for the same immigrant.) In each case, the links are described in narrative form, with descendants of the chosen immigrant enumerated in order according to the child of the immigrant who was ancestor to the link person. Now seems to be a good occasion to offer an alternative representation of the connections, namely, a graphic one, and the power of hyper-text markup gives us the opportunity to jump directly from one representation to the other.

The above two representations of descendants of two early immigrants to the Massachusetts Bay Colony have been cross-linked, such that each couple described in the narrative report on William Ward has an active link to the same couple shown in the graphic tree of Edmund Rice descendants, and vice versa. Clicking on the Rice descendant spouse of a couple in the Ward narrative report will navigate directly to the same couple in the Rice tree, while clicking on the Ward descendant spouse of a couple in the tree will navigate directly to the same couple in the report. (It may be necessary to scroll left or right in the tree to find the referenced spot.) The linked Ward descendants' names are all shown in RED in both representations. Note: in the Rice tree, spouses are not shown, except those who are Ward descendants.

John Chandler

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Erratum - Fall 2006
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