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Edmund Rice Homestead at East Sudbury
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The Edmund Rice (1638) Association, is actively working to update the genealogical record of all Edmund Rice descendants. Our goal is to gather as much family information with supporting documentation as possible. We invite and encourage Edmund's descendants and other interested persons to contribute their data and documentation.

The basic record for each individual should include as much information as available regarding full name, date and place of birth, baptism, marriage, divorce, death, and burial. We welcome any additional notes regarding occupation, education, religion, military records, residence, etc. The record should also include full names and basic information on spouses and spouses' parents, and include the full names and information of all children.

Since our Association wants our family record to be as accurate and complete as possible we ask that, wherever available, you give us the source of each piece of information. It is most desirable to record the source citations for primary documents, i.e., church records; civil records of birth, marriage, divorce, death, and burial; and other existing records such as estate, probate, and land records. It is also desirable to record the location of secondary sources such as Bible records, personal knowledge, newspaper announcements, and published genealogies. In each case, the purpose of these citations is to allow someone in the future to locate the source materials.

Our database is now computerized. Whenever possible we encourage you to submit your family data and documentation in electronic form. We can accept GEDCOM or any other formulaic reports from genealogical software or constructed systematically by hand. It's always easier for us to add new information if you give us the information in a computer readable format, and the risk of copying errors is reduced.

If you are not using a personal computer we welcome submissions in the more traditional form of Family Group Sheets and copies of cited sources.

Since our family record gathering is an ongoing process, corrections and additions will always be gratefully accepted. Our Association's records will be routinely upgraded, corrected, and supplemented as new information comes to our attention.

If you wish to submit information to our Association and have questions about how to cite your sources or about how to prepare the files, or how to send your information, please contact:

  - John Chandler, ERA Historian

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